A whitening salon located inside Cerulean Tower Tokyu Hotel. In collaboration with hotels, we offer higher-grade whitening services such as whitening accommodation plans, bridal plans, and whitening dinners.

This is different! Characteristics of TEETHART


TEETHART opened in Ginza in 1995 as a pioneer whitening salon. Recently, there have been an increase in the number of whitening salon-style dental clinics, but in the 1990s, TEETHART was the only one available, so it was featured in many newspapers, magazines, and TV news programs. TEETHART’s whitening is packed with years of unparalleled technology and know-how.

Latest whitening technology
Dr.TSUBAKI, the producer of TEETHART, has established his own know-how by incorporating new whitening information from the United States and research results from dental universities. He also works with national and international whitening companies and is constantly updated with new information.


*Research at a dental university has confirmed that Teeth Art whitening can whiten the inside of teeth (dentin) without using ultraviolet light. This effectively whitens your teeth and keeps them white for a long time. TEETHART whitening is also recognized to strengthen tooth structure and prevent cavities.

fresh whitening agent
The chemicals used for whitening directly whiten teeth, which is the lifeblood of whitening. Whitening agents are very delicate and begin to deteriorate immediately after they are manufactured, so in order to maximize the whitening effect, it is necessary to use them as soon as possible. Because TEETHART provides whitening services to an average of 100 customers per month per store, we purchase whitening agents from Japan and the United States every month. The whitening agent is stored under strict temperature control, and any medicine that has passed its expiration date is discarded. Because we always use fresh whitening agents, we can achieve great results.

time-consuming counseling
At TEETHART, for first-time customers, we will fully explain the types of whitening, their characteristics, and precautions, and we will arrange a consultation time of approximately 30 minutes in order to decide on the whitening treatment to be performed. I am. We will also look inside your mouth, predict the effectiveness of whitening, and recommend a whitening treatment that is suitable for you. We will never force you to choose a course, so please listen to the explanation and choose your own course after you are satisfied with it.

Abundant number of treatments
TEETHART is used by many customers every month. All results of this treatment are recorded with photographs, and the data is accumulated and fed back to the next treatment. As a result, we are able to predict whitening based on the condition of your teeth and provide accurate advice to our customers.

Rigorous technical training
At Teeth Art, we have created a manual for each treatment so that all staff perform the same treatment and get the same results. This manual was created under the supervision of Dr. TSUBAKI, a “Whitening Coordinator” instructor and certified physician by the American Academy of Aesthetic Dentistry, and is shared with all TEETHART staff.

Whitening methods to choose from
At TEETHART, we always offer more than 10 types of whitening depending on the condition of your teeth, desired whiteness, number of teeth you want to whiten, budget, etc. You can choose the whitening method that suits you best.

Pay as you go with peace of mind
At TEETHART, we charge the cost of the whitening performed each time. We do not require multiple courses or loans.

TEETHART Shibuya store information

Whitening Menu
Recommended whitening for whitening in 1 day

Easy whitening that gradually whitens your teeth

Special whitening to suit your condition

Shibuya store information
・3 semi-private rooms
・Affiliated menu with the hotel
・Stores with whitening simulators
・Special offers when using Poppins (kids room).
・Menu of products available
・Other general aesthetic treatments

business hours
・Closed on Sundays and public holidays

・You can use the parking lot at Shibuya Cerulean Tower Tokyu Hotel. Take the parking elevator to the 2nd floor and then take the guest room elevator to the 3rd floor, which means you can get there without going through the hotel front desk.

Reservations and inquiries

26-1 Sakuragaokacho, Shibuya-ku, Tokyo Shibuya Cerulean Tower Tokyu Hotel 3F
・2 minutes walk from JR Shibuya Station
・Parking available

For those coming from Shibuya Station
From Shibuya Station Hachiko Exit, head towards Mark City from the West Exit

Go past Mitsubishi UFJ Bank and take the escalator from Fukuras next to Shibuya Chuo-gai

Go past Tokyu Plaza inside Fukuras and go through the passage on the second floor

Head towards the pedestrian bridge with the west exit of JR Shibuya Station on your left

From the pedestrian bridge, head towards Shibuya Cerulean Tower, which can be seen ahead to the right

Once you arrive at the entrance to Cerulean Tower Tokyu Hotel, please go to the 3rd floor