Seven features of TEETHART
What are the features of Teeth Art whitening?


TEETHART offers a variety of whitening treatments to suit your needs. Each whitening procedure is carried out in the most effective manner according to TEETHART’s own manual. We will tell you the secret behind TEETHART’s highly effective whitening.

1. Latest whitening technology
TEETHART is produced by Dr.TSUBAKI and is always a new way of whitening in America. We have established our own know-how by incorporating information and research results from dental universities. Also domestic and international He is in close contact with whitening companies and obtains new information.


*Research at a dental university has confirmed that TEETHART whitening can whiten the inside of teeth (dentin) without using ultraviolet light. This effectively whitens your teeth and keeps them white for a long time. TEETHART whitening has also been recognized to strengthen teeth and prevent cavities.
2. fresh whitening agent
The lifeblood of whitening is the whitening agent. The chemicals used for whitening directly damage the teeth. Make it white. The machines and lights used are for activating the drug and have only an auxiliary effect. This medicine is very delicate and begins to deteriorate immediately after it is manufactured, so whitening For maximum effectiveness, it must be used as soon as possible. Teeth Art currently provides whitening services to an average of about 100 customers per month per store. For this purpose, we purchase whitening agents from Japan and the United States every month. And the whitening agent is strict Medicines are stored under strict temperature control, and medicines that have passed their expiration date are discarded. Therefore, you can always have fresh white rice. Because it uses a cleaning agent, it can be very effective.


3. Abundant number of treatments
TEETHART is used by many customers every month. All results of this treatment are recorded with photographs, and the data is accumulated and fed back to the next treatment. doing. As a result, whitening can be predicted based on the condition of the teeth. We can provide accurate advice to our customers.

4. Whitening methods to choose from
At TEETHART, we always offer more than 10 types of whitening methods. This allows you to choose whitening based on the condition of your teeth, your desired color, the number of teeth you wish to whiten, and your budget. It was done. For example, if you want to whiten your teeth, if you want to get it done in one day, or if you have discolored teeth due to medication. Customers have a variety of requests, such as those who want to whiten their teeth, or those who only want to whiten their front teeth due to budget constraints. In order to meet these needs, one or two types of whitening are not enough, and we need to choose the one that suits you. We need to suggest a whitening method. You can choose the course that suits you from over 10 different whitening methods. This is a service unique to Teeth Art, which has a large number of visitors. *TEETHART charges a fee for the whitening performed each time. There is no need to organize a course over several times.


5. time-consuming counseling
At TEETHART, we allow approximately 30 minutes of counseling time for first-time clients. This is a thorough explanation of TEETHART’s types of whitening, their characteristics, and precautions. This is so that we can decide on the whitening treatment to be performed after consultation with the customer. We also look inside your mouth, predict the effectiveness of whitening, and choose the whitening treatment that suits you. We would like to suggest. We will not impose a course on you, so Please listen to the explanation and decide on your own course after being satisfied. Of course on the spot If you can’t decide, you can consider it carefully at home.。


6. technical training
At TEETHART, we have a manual for each treatment so that all staff perform the same treatment and get the same results. It has turned into. This manual was written by the American Academy of Aesthetic Dentistry, a “Whitening Coordinator” lecturer. Created under the supervision of certified physician Dr.TSUBAKI and shared with all TEETHART staff. It has been. Regarding customer service, we have an official department store trading account, so We have created and put into practice a customer service manual based on department store customer service training (Teeth Art We welcome those who receive whitening treatment as customers, not as patients.) At TEETHART, all employees receive customer service training in accordance with this manual.

7.A whitening salon that you’ll want to come back to again and again
TEETHART opened in Ginza in 1995 as a pioneer whitening salon. At that time, dental clinics had only negative images such as “pain,” “teeth removal,” and “I don’t want to go.” However, TEETHART changed the concept of dental clinics by 180 degrees and introduced the concept of “not cutting teeth.” We are a pioneer in salon-style dental clinics with the basic concepts of “no pain” and “no treatment.” Nowadays, more and more salon-style dental clinics are adopting this business model, but in the 1990s, Because there was only teeth art, it was featured in many newspapers, magazines, and TV news programs as a new form of dental clinic. It was done. Of course, that philosophy has not changed to this day. Teeth whitening is not something you have to put up with or put effort into, but rather enjoy and relax while receiving it. I think it’s a thing. Regular maintenance is necessary to maintain white teeth, but you will want to come back again and again. Maintenance can be fun at a salon.


whitening coordinator
This is a whitening professional training program for dental hygienists certified by the Japan Dental Aesthetics Society. Lecturers are the most advanced dentists in Japan, including professors and lecturers who are involved in whitening research at various dental universities. As of March 2022, more than 10,000 dental hygienists nationwide are working as whitening coordinators. I am qualified. Dr.TSUBAKI has served as text editor, lecturer, and committee chairperson for whitening coordinators. He has given lectures to approximately 10,000 whitening coordinators.